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$113,478! That’s the average prize money a professional tennis player makes per year; according to sources from a 2015-2019 study. A game, that is based on true self determination, requiring extreme athleticism, and razor sharp focus however, has found itself under represented by people of color.

Of course, legends Like Serena Williams have paved the way to show the heights of how far one can go, as she herself alone has virtually achieved GOAT status and she isn’t quite yet finished. Inspiring those behind her, like the Japanese sensation Naomi Osaka, America's Sloane Stephens and Coco Gauff to create their own paths of greatness. Surprisingly, outside of the prominence of a few, in the 2020 U.S. Open out of 128 total draws, on the male side only 16 were multi racial or black, and on the female side only 12 represented shaded skin.

As you can interpret, the sport is vastly represented by whites. The question to probe however is why? It's factual any one soul at any given time is more than capable of possessing the physical and mental ability the multi-surface sport requires; and although the 6 figure average salary per pro isn't quite NBA or NFL money, it should be stated, that the average number 1 ranked player made $14,406,932 per year! Note, that's only prize money and doesn't include the unlimited endorsement potential one can garner for themselves. A potential, many are sure to believe, that big backers like Nike, Adidas, Lacoste etc would love to support.

That support however can't be realized, until we find ways to push our color communities to find love for the game. We need more ascending to greatness for more to follow that greatness. There's so much the game has to offer, the connections, the travel, the competitiveness, the cerebral sharpening, and of course here at Hustle Sole, we won't fail to remind you of the $BAG!

So to all of our community, don't be afraid of any stigma, humility, or stereotypes. Block out the noise, and take a swing with the racket, you'd be surprised how Luv can be found! Oh, and by the way, we'll be watching, because can't wait to back you! Take advantage, Game, Set, Match!

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