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Stand Up and Stand Out! These shirts are hand-made and designed for superior comfort while showcasing our signature tie-dye look. Throw on-and-go streetwear, no matter the occasion, no matter the soles. Features an embroidered front logo with a premium vinyl back design reading "starts with Hustle ends with Sole".


The journey from peasant to king is never the same for any two. Regardless of the roads traveled one will always need to start with "Hustle" and end will "Sole"!  We all are judged by the tracks we leave. Support appreciated we huslte together.


This is a HustleSole Exclusive Item.


We've pledge 10% off all HustleSole profits will be donated to Los Angeles non-profit organizations. Please email us today to become involved. 

Start with Hustle, Ends with Sole Tee - Red